Fondazione Dynamo

Fondazione Dynamo supports the design and development of enterprise organizations dealing with social issues such as education, health, social services and the environment, and to promote new employment.


Fondazione Dynamo’s mission is to implement successful non-profit projects that represent forces of change for the concerned communities. In particular, Fondazione Dynamo endeavours

– to employ the business experience of its staff and network of partners in its operating model;
– directly invest in projects with managerial and financial resources;
– implement projects and provide them the tools for long-term operability.

We believe that giving life to projects of interest and impact requires our efforts in the following additional areas:

– developing issues tied to social entrepreneurship and venture philanthropy;
– studying the best international practices and identifying the guide lines to create financing forces for the non-profit world, independent from the traditional public or grantmaking support models.

To further its mission, Fondazione Dynamo has created a network of Italian and international professional skills that are the force that drives development and contribution in each of the following three areas:

– projects;
– innovative financing methods (non-profit ventures);
– knowledge.


Dynamo Camp


Dynamo Academy


Oasi Dynamo


Pro Dynamo




Wire transfer to Fondazione Dynamo IBAN IT96D0335901600100000005638
Banca Prossima SpA – Filiale 05000
Via Manzoni Ang. Via Verdi 20121 Milano

Per donazioni dall’estero: BIC BCITITMX

Support Fondazione Dynamo and its project with 5 per mille of your tax income report.

Fondazione Dynamo’s codice fiscale is: 97345780155


If you want to donate from your US Headquarter or US Correspondent, please donate to

SeriousFun Children’s Network
228 Saugatuck Ave.
Westport, CT 06880 USA

specifying that the donation is for the Italian Village. It is possible to donate at this link selection “Dynamo, Italy” into the Designation field.


Contact Info

Fondazione Dynamo – Motore di Filantropia
  Foro Buonaparte, 54 - 20121 Milano

Tel: +39.02.8062941
  Fax: +39.02.72021355